Family & Youth Casting Call Activities

             Family and Youth Casting Call 
                                May 16, 2015 rain or shine
            • Expert instruction on Fishing in the C&O Canal 
            • Live Fish Habitat Displays
            • Components of a Habitat Game
            • Fish Printing
            • Enviroscape for Watershed & Water Quality Demonstrations
            • Knot Tying
            • Fishing Principles
            • Arts & Crafts
            • Macroinvertibrate Program
            • Nationional Fishing in Schools Program


The following are examples of activities from previous years.  Come join us to participate in the fun activities we will have for 2015.

Fish Anatomy            
*Identify a dorsal fin and any other part of the fish. Understand how a fish swims!

Fish Prints                     
*Make a fish print using rubber fish molds and paint. Identify the parts of the fish!

* Investigate touch tanks and fish identification exhibits. Look at a snakehead closely. Where does an eel come from?

Aquatic Animals                        
* We will have various critters for kids to see and learn about, including frogs, turtles and more!
* Bugs! Many fish eat the many types of insects that live in and around the water.  Learn about the different stages of bug life and which are fish delicacies!

Water Quality Test   
*You will be able to actually help out with and learn about water quality testing and the importance of clean water to our environment.

*Everyone will be able to look through microscopes and watch the tiniest of organisms that represent the very bottom of the food chain
*Learn much more about a river’s food chain and how important it is to all the fish and animals.

Casting Practice         
*Enjoy a unique experience learning to fly cast a yarn rod or youth fly rod to various stuffed fish replicas that eat Velcro flies!
* Practice your casting skills with a spinning rod and catch backyard bass!

Fly Tying Station   
*What is a Palomar knot? Find out and practice tying various fishing knots.
*Find out why anglers call it a fly and learn how to tie simple patterns such as a wooly bugger.


Questions about displays
*Ask or answer a series of questions to make the displays more meaningful

Conservation Principles      
*How can we protect our aquatic habitats? It’s important easy and it starts with us. Learn about conservation practices and how you can make a difference.